Iris Brinkman, Techno Marketing’s Principal Consultant, is a long-standing member of the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) and fellow since 2003. She is now looking to become more actively involved in the AMI’s future by running for a board position in the upcoming election!

Iris brings with her a wealth of experience having held Executive and Non-Executive board positions over the years, including a post on the former Monash Marketing Alumni board. She has also worked extensively with start-ups, CEOs and management teams of major corporations in developing strategic plans and budgets.

Iris is also actively involved in the AMI’s Emerging Marketers Victoria initiative, committed to the mentoring of students and young professionals. She believes attracting and retaining young marketers is critical to the long-term success of the AMI and the marketing profession.

If elected to the AMI board, Iris will focus her efforts on:
- providing continuing support and value to young members, beyond the establishment stage of their careers,
- achieving greater participation of B2B marketers in the AMI,
- pushing for programs to prepare AMI members for corporate board positions and
- supporting activities for building awareness about the benefits of a marketing-savvy board amongst corporate Australians.

If you are an AMI member, please consider voting for Iris. With your support, she hopes to make a valuable contribution to the AMI board.

View Iris’s AMI board election profile and vote online by clicking here. Voting closes September 14 at 5.00pm AEST.