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I really appreciated the supportive and friendly working environment at Techno Marketing. I was given many opportunities to assist in a range of marketing campaigns and activities. The skills I gained and the experience I had in dealing with clients during my time at Techno Marketing helped me develop professionally and have proven to be transferable to my current role in consulting at Ernst & Young.
Tara Yap- Consultant, Ernst & Young
Working at Techno Marketing, after graduating, provided one of the most worthwhile learning experiences I have had in business to date. I was empowered to take real ownership and help drive projects and new initiatives within the business. My opinions and ideas were listened to and integrated into our activities and I developed many skills.
Piero Poli- Director of Digital Marketing, Warner Music International, London
I worked at Techno Marketing while completing my degree and loved the relaxed, fun and friendly environment. My communication skills improved and I gained valuable experience in multimedia. By the time I graduated, I was more confident and had a great portfolio of online ads, which were key to attaining a graduate position at Deloitte.
Jenny Ho- Business Analyst, Eclipse Group, Deloitte
Techno Marketing offers a fun and flexible work environment. They were really supportive of my studies, when I worked there part-time. Not only did my experience working at TM help me get my current job - the skills I developed help me to perform well in my job.
Anna Sherburn- Senior Policy Officer, Australian Government Attorney-General's Department
Techno Marketing provided a supportive and welcoming environment. I worked closely with management in implementing some strategies which had real impact in the success of the business, while I finished my studies at Melbourne University. The experience helped me greatly in understanding what makes a business tick and I highly recommend anyone looking to learn to give Techno Marketing serious consideration. Suffice to say, the experience proved very useful to me after I graduated.
Reza Ravani- Consultant, Global Business Services, IBM Australia Limited